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The mission of the Boy Scouts is to promote the development of young men by having them learn a variety of skills, practice leadership, provide service to the community, improve their physical fitness, and to honor God and country. This is accomplished in accordance with a strong moral code and with a premium placed on outdoor activities and having fun.

Boy Scout Troop 976 is committed to the mission of the boy scouts, with many exciting camping trips, field trips, and high adventure programs. It is a boy led troop – that is, leadership is a key tenant of the troop and the boys are formed into patrols where they elect leaders, plan their meetings, and choose outings under the guidance and supervision of the adult leaders. This is the primary difference from cubs. Cubs are adult led, boy scouts plan and carry out much of their own agenda. Like cubs, there are several ranks that can be attained with Eagle Scout being the highest. Troop 976 has an excellent record in having scouts attain the rank of Eagle, an accomplishment demonstrating the highest level of character and achievement to college recruiters, company executives, and many others that will influence their lives.

The Troop meets every Wednesday night, sponsors one outing per month, and sends scout crews to at least one or more week-long adventure camps per year. Here's a listing of recent trips: Monthly  

  • Duncan’s Knob in the Massanutten Mountains for Leonid Meteor Shower viewing
  • Wolf Gap State Park and hike to Big Schloss
  • Harper’s Ferry White Water Rafting
  • Shenandoah Canoe Trip
  • Ski Trips
  • Virginia Caving
  • Appalachian Trail Hiking and Camp
  • Sky Meadows State Park Hiking and Camp
  • Assateague Island
  • Mount Vernon Camporee
  • Gettysburg Camporee
  • Punkin Chunkin Camporee
  • Rock Climbing Lock In  
  • Shotgun Shooting at Izaak Walton
  • Kings Dominion Yearly
  • Goshen Scout Camp
  • Philmont, New Mexico (12,000 foot peaks!)
  • Lenhok’sin High Adventure (wilderness living!)
  • Sea Base, Florida or Bahamas (Outer Reef sailing and snorkeling!)
  • Northern Tier Canoeing (Minnesota and Canada wilderness)

The attached Troop 976 Handbook is attached with additional information.

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